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It never ceases to amaze me that so many of the so-called skeptics of the world have the most limited view of the Universe, and seem to be unable to keep up with the changes in science and humanity’s understanding of the Universe.  For some reason, they seem to be stuck in the mindset of the mechanistic worldview (i.e. the Universe is made up of parts that lack any innate connection to any other part of the whole.  It is only when all parts are “in tune” that the Universe works correctly).

Yet, initially, mechanism derives from a study of metaphysics (which, for many of these skeptics, they would be horrified).  This is because their definition of “metaphysics” focuses solely on the idea that it studies “unnatural,” “supernatural” or “paranormal” phenomena.  Metaphysics, however, is simply the study of the nature of being, and the Universe, and how we interact with it.

I have always been one who has wanted to know the “why” of things.  Perhaps I never grew out of that developmental phase of childhood.  Maybe I would have made a good research psychologist (I don’t have the talent in many of the necessary skills for being a researcher in many of the hard sciences), but I didn’t have the patience to go that route.  Besides, creativity has always been a passion for me – so the creation of things appealed to me more.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t dig into or research things in my spare time, simply to satisfy that “insatiable curiosity.”

I happen to be a kind of monkey. I have a monkeylike curiosity that makes me want to feel, smell, and taste things which arouse my curiosity, then to take them apart. It was born in me. Not everybody is like that, but a scientific researchist [sic] should be. Any fool can show me an experiment is useless. I want a man who will try it and get something out of it.
I’m convinced that a controlled disrespect for authority is essential to a scientist. All the good experimental physicists I have known have had an intense curiosity that no Keep Out sign could mute. Physicists do, of course, show a healthy respect for High Voltage, Radiation, and Liquid Hydrogen signs. They are not reckless. I can think of only six who have been killed on the job.

Basically, I’m not satisfied with the average answer of “I don’t know” to any particular question.  If I don’t know, I go out and find out from those who do know.  And if even they don’t have answers, then I work my own way through personal research to find a practical thought framework to explain – at least at our current level of technology – whatever I’m interested in.

Yes, this is one of the reasons I’m a Wiccan (a.k.a. a witch). There are actually “laws of magick” (spelled that way to differentiate it from stage magic).  Consistent repetition of similar actions have similar responses.  It’s also why I study herbalism, and research the differing vitamins and minerals that the human body needs for efficient processing.

I would be the first to admit that approximately 75% – 90% of what is called “magick” is simply using the tools of psychology to make changes in one’s self or in one’s surroundings.  Ethical magick tends to be primarily psychological in nature (ethical magick rarely attempts to affect others, other than to stop an impact of their choices on us – which in my experience is still working on the Self, changing the perception of supposed “attacks”).

But there’s still that small percentage of magick that affects things outside of the mind.  Admittedly, that kind of magick is quite a bit more difficult to perform than the psychological, because it is attempting to change the laws of probability – which, just as with physical objects, has an initial inertia that resists change.

I can’t give you a scientific reason for it.  Not at our current stage of technological development.  But as I watch science expand our knowledge of our Universe, I become more convinced that eventually we will be able to measure and quantify what is considered currently “magickal.”  Just as alchemy became chemistry, I believe that science will be able to figure out why things like telepathy, empathy, telekinesis and other supposedly “psychic” actually work for some people, and not for others.

Ghosts are another place where modern skeptics push buttons.  But, since my late teens I’ve been able to perceive “otherworldly influences.”  In my experience, MOST supposed “ghost” phenomena are simply echos or recordings of the past.  It is VERY rare to come across a ghost that has actual interactive abilities.  But, again, I only have the research of my own experience (described as anecdotal evidence).  Just as modern science can detect that a field of grain has some form of “awareness” that they are being harvested, we are slowly coming to understand that strongly felt emotions and traumatic events can not only have an effect on the people involved, but can also “stain” the location in which it happens.  Battlefields and prisons have been measured, as well as places where positive events have happened.  There is as of yet no actual answer for why it happens, just building data knowing that it happens.  Yet, I believe we will eventually figure out why things like this happen.

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