There is NEVER any “Miracle Cure”

via Fat Is Officially Incurable (According to Science)

If you’ve ever lived your life as a fat person, you have known this for years.  Sadly, the rest of humanity hears something like this and their immediate response is, “That’s just an excuse.  You’re just too weak to lose the weight.”

There are so many factors involved in weight loss that NO weight loss regimen can cover all of those bases.

There is genetics, which isn’t just about 1 gene making you fat, but a WHOLE lot of genes working together to impact your “normal” weight.  Genes that make your metabolism work inefficiently. Genes that mean certain minerals and vitamins that are necessary for health are not absorbed correctly, causing deficiencies that can impact how much weight your body will create.  Genes that screw up the chemical balance in your body.  Genes that mean certain organs either fail or do their work poorly.

It’s not just about discipline. It’s not just about food portioning.  It’s not just about activity. It’s not just about will-power.

And all that everyone is doing – whether really concerned or fake concerned so you can feel superior – is bullying someone whose body isn’t working the way it is supposed to.

1 person in 1,000 isn’t good odds.

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