#Drawlloween Item 3: Vampires

Dancing VampiresI had originally intended to make this Vampires AND Werewolves (yeah, I know….shades of the Twilight [*shudder*]). But, when I finished the background and the vampires (yes, no blood – I know), it just looked perfect to me as it was.

Justin Salem Meyer - CemetaryAs with Day 1, the background comes from the talented Justin Salem Meyer. But, I did quite a bit more work on this one, as you can see the difference between the original (see right) and my final version.

It’s always a challenge to turn day into night (or vice versa). It takes a lot of trial and error to get to something that looks anything like a natural variation. But, it was a useful struggle, even if it actually exhausted me to do so.

Retroscope: Gothic Aristocrat Knife Hem ShirtThe dancing vampires come with permission from the Gothic Clothier called Retroscope Fashions. The male shirt shown is the Gothic Aristocrat Knife Hem Shirt in black. I’m sure if you look for it, you can probably find the woman’s outfit as well.

Again, this was another challenge, not only to cut out the people, but also to fit the people into the cemetery so that it was natural. I’m not just talking coloring here (although, that was quite a challenge too), but also the fact that there are quite different areas of photographic focus. Matching the focuses took 2 days all by itself.

It’s quite helpful to me to challenge myself like this. It’s also frustrating, but that’s good too. Not only am I working on rebuilding my creativity, but regaining my patience is also important. Frustration was not a useful emotion in my family, and patience only seemed to make things worse. So, frustration inevitably became anxiousness for me. So, while I’m challenging the panic attacks, I’m also being able to remind myself that it is not necessary to freak out when one feels frustrated. If I can quit the habit when it is just my own frustration, maybe eventually I’ll be able to quit the habit of freaking out when other people speak to me in a frustrated tone.

As before, if you want a clear copy for yourself (or a print of it), then contact me.

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