#Drawlloween: Item #2

The Devil's HenchmanOK, screw the daily on this, because well, it’s just not going to happen.

Days 2&3 were Devil and Goblin, respectively.  So, I was inspired to create this.  Sadly, while yes, watermarking images doesn’t deter a tenacious Photoshop specialist, it’s not the heavy-duty Photoshoppers I want to stop.  It’s the gullible Luddites who seem to think that if something shows up on things like Google Images it must be available for ANYONE to use them.

Copyright is NOT voided just because something shows up on Google Images (or any other kind of image search).  It’s why I work VERY hard to find the original image owners of any photo I use, even for something like this, where I am compositing images from others.

In reference to that, here are the original copyright owners of the items:

  • Background:  Purchased from Big Stock Photo.  Original Photographer (selling on Big Stock and other stock photography companies): Denis Belitsky.
  • My variant of Lucifer:  Used with permission from the photographer Nadya Lev.  The name of the model is Kit Stolen.

    Edited:  I had a friend offer me a critique in regards to this composite.  They complained that it seemed to be denigrating those of Asian descent.  The problem is, if one looks into the legends in regards to Lucifer, he was considered one of the most beautiful of the archangels.  Although some tradition makes him red-haired, when I saw the image of Mr. Stolen it screamed to me as being beautiful/handsome enough, and frankly just androgynous enough to actually fit the role of Lucifer (also known as “the Shining One,” “the Morning Star,” “Light Bringer” and “Son of the Morning) quite well.

    I am NOT in any way implying that those of Asian descent are evil. And I resent the idea that anyone who knows me would even think that about me. I judge humans by their individual actions, choices and character – NOT the color of their skin or their ethnic heritage.

    In this particular case, I was looking for a model that fit both the androgyny of your average legendary angel AND the beauty of the legendary Lucifer. Mr. Stolen, for me, represents those particular aesthetic choices.

  • The crawling goblin:  I requested permission for use, but sadly have not heard back.  Very little is actually recognizable from the original photo, but if the owner of the photo (found at: Al Kavadlo’s Blog) would like me to remove that item from this composite, I can and will replace it with something else.

I’m not as happy about this one as I was at the first one, or the next one (to be posted tomorrow).  Once I get through the whole list, I may revisit this item and see if I can make it better.

As before, if you want a clear copy for yourself (or a print of it), then contact me.

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