Love Has Many Forms

Sometimes I wonder if my ex was right in saying that I am a mutant. Well, technically, I am as I have a mutation that means many of my body processes are fucked up. But he meant it mentally.

Throughout our entire 20-year marriage, he could not conceive of the idea that there were people who naturally thought similar to me and my family.

Not to say that we’re completely different from the rest of humanity, but many of the principles I live by were utterly incomprehensible to him.

One of those principles is that one’s behavior is not necessarily exactly the same as one’s true self.  Behaviors can change if the person truly wants to change.  But core personalities never change. I can love someone’s core identity, yet refuse to have anything to do with them unless and until their behavior has been proven to have changed.

I guess that’s part of it all. Most of my life has been, in one form or another, teaching me lessons about love. That unconditional love isn’t just from me to others, but that I must also unconditionally love myself.

Time to do more thinking on that subject.

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