No, Not Everything non-Christian is Satanic

via Air Force Dental Tech Fired After Being Accused of Witchcraft

Look, people, I know many Christians are raised in a rather homogeneous culture. Hell, I was. What does that mean? Basically, your group – your community – was essentially people that all thought like you. Most of your free time was spent in church groups, if you were “lucky” you were taught in Christian schools – so all of the other students were just like you.

Didn’t stop them from being normal kids, now did it?

Yes, even in a group supposedly about love for one’s fellow man there are still bullies, people who are “good” only when they can be seen or witnessed by someone important (but abusive and even criminal when no one is watching).

But, especially in the Information Age, you don’t have the same excuse I did growing up. I didn’t have the Internet. I didn’t get introduced to other cultures, other sub-cultures, or different people until I got into college. I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in the 70s and 80s. Watch a couple of the “teen movies” from that era – tell me that those kids don’t all seem gullible, naive and honestly stupid next to kids of the Millennial generation, and their kids.

First off, Hinduism is NOT Satanic nor is it witchcraft.  It is an ancient religion (actually, far older than Christianity), and Satan and witchcraft are not found in their spiritual teachings.  They do, however, believe in demons who lead people astray as well as positive gods and other beings who combat those demons, and protect their followers.

No, yoga is not Satanic, and NO meditation is NOT summoning demons.

Even witchcraft itself is not necessarily Satanic.  Some of us who do identify as Witches don’t follow a religion that contains ANY reference to Satan or anything like him.  Are there Satanic witches out there?  Yes, there are.  Surprising to you perhaps, they live somewhat moral lives (albeit selfish ones).  Heck, look at the “Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth” – do any of those sound even vaguely like the stereotype of Satanist that YOU have in your head?

We live in a secular society.  You may not like it, but you cannot force everyone to be like you.  You cannot legislate morality.  And NOT everyone is exactly like you.

Now, I do believe that Christians (and any OTHER religious persons of any kind) can hire whomever they want.  BUT, if they want a homogeneous workforce (i.e. all Christians, all Jews, all Pagans, etc) – that statement should be made clearly and with no negativity towards anyone who is not that “chosen group.”

Yes, that means I think that a company owned by a religious nutcase should be staffed by religious nutcases.  What that means is that the REST OF US don’t have to deal with them.

No, we should not turn someone away for being a different race or a different gender.  And if the company is allowed to state that a certain religious leaning is a preferred prospect, then why not go for it?  I certainly have no interest in working for a company owned by Christians who aren’t willing to keep their nose out of my personal business.  They have a right to my working time and activities, but NOT my personal time and activities.

Of course, when you corral all nutcases in one space, often those spaces implode eventually.  Why?  Because the people are nutcases, that’s why.  But, if you know which companies are run by and owned by religious zealots, wouldn’t you work to make sure you DO NOT have to work there??

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