Drawlloween: Day 1 – Ghost (yeah, I know it’s October 6)

There’s a meme going around Facebook called “Drawlloween 2015 (#Drawlloween).DrawLLoween  Since one of the things I’ve lost from being abused is that my well of creativity has run dry (and is slowly, VERRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY slowly being refilled), I decided to go ahead and do it.

I figure that getting back into doing computer-aided art would be a good way to start, and would give me back some of the skills I need to be a good freelancer.  I have a few ideas written down for Illustrator, but rebuilding my Photoshop skills, and refilling the creativity well is a good place to start.

The thing is, real Photoshop editing and manipulating is not a “quick” little job.  There are so many people out on the Internet who tell you, “Yeah, you can do LOTS with Photoshop, and it doesn’t take long at all!”  Well, that’s true if you create actions (which will automate things for you – I do SOME actions, but there are too many different things for each photo that you can’t automate EVERYTHING).  But it’s not true if you’re working to do a GOOD job of photo editing and manipulation.

Even “famous” photo people, like Deke McClelland (whose videos on Lynda.com are essential to reminding me how to do things, and to teach me how to do things that may have changed in the newer versions of Photoshop) will repeatedly tell you that sometimes you just have to do things by hand – which takes a while to do.

So, yes, while I’m doing the challenge, I’m doing EACH item until it is complete, whether it takes me a day or a few days.

Now, FIRST, I’m going to give credit where credit is due.  The photos I used for this composite picture came from two sources:

  • Justin Salem Meyer – who is an extremely talented photographer took the photo of the dilapidated house.  I met him through Dr. Elizabeth Altmaier, an author who also does wonderful work. Dr. Altmaier taught my sister when she was in graduate school at the University of Iowa getting her Ph.D. in Psychology, and they have kept in touch.

    Obviously, commercial use of his work must be paid for.  I, since I am doing this for PERSONAL use, requested permission to use his copyrighted material for personal use and received permission.  Go to his portfolio (linked above) if you would like to see more, or if you would like to use his work in any way.

    I ALWAYS try to get permission from the artist/photographer before using their work, unless the artist/photographer has posted somewhere that personal use is permitted.  The next artist has given permission for personal use, but requires that commercial use must negotiate with her.

  • TwiggXStockPensive, by TwiggX Stock, on Deviant Art, is a model and artist who is offering many of her photos as stock.  Commercial use, as stated above, requires negotiation.

    She’s a beautiful woman, and her art is absolutely wonderful.

That being said, here’s the completed composite:

hauntedHouseYes, there’s a watermark.  Sadly, I am unwilling to post large items online to have them stolen and used.  You want a clear copy for yourself (or a print of it), then contact me.

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