Writing a Memoir

I’ve been encouraged by quite a few people to write my memoirs.  There are a few different themes that such memoirs could take.  I’ve been an abused woman (not physically, but mentally and emotionally).  I’ve grown up fat in a world that still abuses those who are “different” than the norm.  I’ve grown up as an independent, opinionated woman in a society that desperately attempts to marginalize and repress such women, because they challenge the status quo.

But I don’t want to use that particular perspective as a soapbox from which I rage at and defame others.  I see no reason to destroy others in the process of sharing my particular perspective.  Even on this blog, although I may make emotional comments about my ex-husband (some of them, perhaps, derogatory), it is often more trying to understand what it actually happening in my head – rather than destroying him.

Did he make bad choices? Of course, he did.  But so did I.

Did my parents make poor choices in some of their decisions of raising me? Of course, they did – no parent is perfect.  But they are good people underneath it all, and tried their best – even if sometimes they failed.

But I also had my own personal perspective on the things that people have done to me in the past.  My own personal bias may have read intent behind the content of other people’s words that were NOT actually intended by the speaker.  That isn’t a problem with the speaker, but with me the listener.  If I’m translating someone else’s words based on my own bias, instead of hearing their intended content – that’s NOT them.  That’s me.

Just some things I’m thinking about today.

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