Religious Observances

I’ll admit that during my recovery, I’ve been less focused on living my spirituality.  It’s not that I’ve lost faith, it’s that sometimes living one’s faith consciously (instead of the unconscious response of faith) can sometimes be difficult when one is simply trying to make it through just one more day.

I still pray.  I still feel the wonder of Nature.  I still experience spiritual epiphanies and feeling that connection to the Divine that brings peace and comfort.

As a Neo-Pagan, just as with other religions, it is possible to live your faith without necessarily doing all of the external shows of the faith.  I still strive to limit the harm I do to others and the Earth.  I still live parts of my ministerial calling.

I just haven’t had the physical energy or mental energy to do the active part of my faith.

On the other hand, last night with the Super Blood Moon Eclipse, I experienced the first active participation in over a year.  I stood a vigil during the eclipse.  And it filled me with wonder and peace, and a sense of completeness.

I think, in general, people need that.  But it doesn’t have to come from a specific faith.  It needs to come from the faith that speaks to you.  And yes, I believe atheism is a faith – it’s simply a faith in science rather in the Divine.  It has its own sense of wonder for those who live it, so that makes it a faith in my mind.

Last night’s eclipse broke through something for me.  I’m not quite sure yet what that is, but it did.

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