No One is “Unrapable”

via Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby, Calls Victims ‘Unrapeable’

First off, let me say that I did actually watch the entire interview, as Mr. Wayans requested in his tweet. The problem is, however, the link in his tweet is ONLY the six seconds where he actually states anything like compassion for the women Mr. Cosby destroyed.

The entire interview can be found at the link above (or on the website of the radio station that actually did the interview if you don’t want to read someone else’s opinion on it, besides mine).

While he does have some good things to say about comedy, and what it takes to make good comedy, all that really means is that he’s got some important things to say along with some stupid things – just like any other human being on this Earth.

The discussion of Cosby comes near the end of the interview.  The video doesn’t have the time on it, but if you don’t want to listen to the entire interview, if you place the time indicator just before where the logo starts in the bottom right corner, that’s where the discussion of Cosby gets started.

He claims that some of the women could not have been that naive or stupid, because at the time of their alleged assault they were in their 40s.  I’m in my 40s, and let me tell you – I look around myself and see all sorts of women my age who are STILL naive, who have been protected from the world to an extent that they are sometimes a danger to themselves.  Hell, I know 70 year old women who are that innocent.

He also brings up his own experience with women throwing themselves at him. Does he really think that is a reason to take advantage of those women?  Women are not Kleenex to be used and thrown away. Hell, men are groupies too, but that doesn’t mean that a woman (or a gay man) should take advantage of them either.

He also tries the old trope of “He’s Bill Cosby, man! He ain’t gotta rape no one.”

The compassionate part that he so conveniently cuts and posted?  It comes after saying that he thinks only some of the women were raped.

And his reasoning for why some of the women are “unrapable?”  It’s because they are not attractive in his eyes.

Rape is NOT about sex, people.  It’s about power and control.  Do you know the age range of women who have been raped?  The lower end of the range is 12 years old, but the higher end reaches 80. How many men are going to tell me that they find an 80 year old woman attractive?

Rapists get off on doing things that make a person helpless.  They enjoy making it impossible for the victim to make any choice for themselves (yes, there are men and boys who get raped too).

Listen to the interview for yourself.  Make your own judgement.

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