Assault is Assault

via Minneapolis Police Seeking 2 Men After Woman Assaulted In Uptown

Both the video and the article state clearly that the woman was not drunk, and was walking in a “safe” area.

I did some research on Uptown assaults (given I also lived near to Uptown for 7 years), and looked for how male victims were described by these “journalists” as well as by the police.

When the victim is male, the only times that being drunk come into the picture are when it is relevant to the assault (i.e. the guy got assaulted for being a drunken asshole).  As for the area being “safe,” it must have changed radically due to the gentrification of the area, because as late as 2007, I wouldn’t personally have walked alone in that area without some form of self-protection.  But, again, when the victim is male, the judgement of whether the area he was walking in was safe does not get reported.

What, if the woman had been drunk and walking in a “bad part of town” that means she deserved to be assaulted, choked, robbed and possibly raped?

Why does it matter if a woman makes “bad choices” if she’s attacked?  Because she’s drunk in public that means she deserves it?  If she lives within her means as a responsible adult, but her budget requires her to live in a “bad part of town” then she deserves to be attacked?

This is a horrible thing to have happen to someone.  But, no one “deserves” to be attacked.  No one ever “deserves” to be raped.

People wonder why feminists are calling our society “rape culture.”  Well, THIS is the exact reason why.  When authorities and so-called journalists make judgements on the supposed “relative innocence” of a female victim, it simply encourages those who think a woman “deserves” to be attacked or raped to do so.

Men are not judged to have been “asking for it” if they wear clothing that people consider to be “inappropriate.”  Men are not judged to have been “asking for it” if they are stumbling home from a night out.  Men are not judged to be “asking for it” if they are out walking late at night (perhaps on their way home from work?).

But women are judged to be “asking for it.”

Yes, teach women to defend themselves.  But teach EVERYONE that no one is “asking” to be assaulted or raped.

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