Going to the Doctor Shouldn’t Be an Act of Courage

I have been avoiding going back to see the doctor.  Yes, I know that that is a self-destructive act.  A little while ago, my sister asked me why I was avoiding it.

I was finally able to communicate the amorphous feelings.  I just couldn’t stand to go back to that doctor and put up with his lectures and his personality.

Those of us who are considered morbidly obese (or, hell, just those who have perhaps a few extra pounds) have to screw up their courage to go back and confront doctors.  Yes, even me who confronts her doctors when they lecture, lie or just simply refuse to do their jobs right.

The reality is, most of my family goes to one doctor here locally, and I felt that since he had so much more knowledge of my family he would probably be my best bet.  The problem is, he does know my family.  I get my stubbornness, and my willing to stand up for what I think is right from my father.  And this doctor has interacted with my parents for quite a long time.

He wasn’t really a good fit for me.  I am a firm believer in as much prevention as I am of coming along behind the problem and fixing it.  That means I research issues relating to vitamins and minerals, and also research herbal supplements.  If I can stave off the worst aspects of my arthritis with exercise and supplements, you had damned well better believe I’m going to do it.  But he, as the doctor, stated that vitamins and supplements are all just bunk, and should be ignored.

And while he’s a great diagnostician, he’s like Dr. House without the sarcastically funny personality.  House I could put up with, Dr. “I know best” is not going to work for me.  He wants to dictate my choices, rather than develop a rapport and partner with me on my health.  It’s those doctors – the ones who want to dictate my choices – who consider me to be a non-compliant patient.

I have to say the doctor I just saw today, is the exact type of doctor I need.  She respected the fact that I research supplements thoroughly, and suggested a few I have not yet researched.  She was honest, straight-forward, and supportive without being mealy-mouthed.  When I was concerned over an issue that the previous doctor considered to be a “big thing” she pointed out research that proved to me that it is NOT a big thing, and should not concern me.  She was horrified to hear some of my past history with other doctors.

Unlike other doctors, she WANTED me to be a partner in my health.  Only I can know if something is working or not working for my body.  A drug could have a great impact on a large percentage of people, but it only helps if one’s own body works in concert to it.  If the drug does not work with your own body chemistry, then we need to move on to check a different drug – not insist that THIS drug has to work.

So, yes, no more avoiding the doctor.  Not when I have a doc who can look past stereotypical biases and see the REAL patient.

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