Moral Conscience vs Your Job

Please Note: If you hover your mouse over the Bible verses, you will see the actual text of the verses.

While I applaud the decision of anyone who feels strongly that their job is requiring them to do something that is against their own moral conscience, I do NOT support an insistence at continuing at that job.  And in this case, the fact that Ms. Davis is an elected official makes the situation worse.

Religious freedom is a right in this country.  However, that freedom simply means that you cannot be forced to stay in a job that requires you to do something that is against your conscience.  She is perfectly free to leave a job that requires her to give the same service to an LGBT couple as to a heterosexual couple.  She has already obviously compromised her conscience if she gives licenses to adulterers or divorcees (and perhaps sees nothing wrong with divorce or adultery, given that not only has she had 4 husbands, the children from her first marriage were fathered by her 3rd husband).

But, if she is going to stand firmly upon a Biblical foundation, then she should also not be giving licenses to those adulterers or divorcees.

She is already walking a path to perdition. Matthew 7:1-6 states quite clearly not only that she is incorrect in judging others for their sins, but that if she is truly standing upon faith as her foundation, she has a clear, moral duty to resign her position. She is, according to these verses, throwing her pearls of faith before the swine of the American public, who is vilifying her for it.  She would do better to resign, and to publicly state the same thing that Joshua did in Joshua 24:15.

There is a bigger problem here than just one woman supposedly standing up for her faith.  And it is a problem that is sadly rampant in many people who lay claim to the title of Christian.  It is not possible to be Christian and only pick-and-choose which portions of the Bible you will follow, and which portions you will ignore.

Even if one views that the Old Testament rules and requirements are no longer valid because Christ came to replace the Law with the Gospel, there are very specific statements on divorce, adultery and fornication.  And, unlike with other statements, they come directly from the mouth of Christ (Matthew 19:3-12).  That’s not only from my own experience and knowledge from my childhood as a conservative Christian, but ALSO given by those who are doing their best to support Bible study.

This problem has become so bad that it has engendered a specific term for it – “Cafeteria Christianity.” This is yet another logical fallacy, called “cherry picking” theology – something practiced far too much by far too many people (no matter where they lie on the spectrum between conservative or liberal).

This is NOT a case where her life cannot be examined. She has stated clearly and loudly that her sins are forgiven.  The issue being that true forgiveness requires a Christian to “go forth and sin no more” (John 8:11).  With four husbands, and children that are fathered by a man that was not her husband at the time, she is obviously unwilling to “sin no more” in relation to the sin of adultery.

I cannot see her heart.  That is between her and her God.  But I can see her “fruits.” (going back to Matthew 7:15-20).

The reality is that many jobs require doing things that are counter to one’s own moral conscience.  A person who belongs to a faith that views the Earth as sacred should not work for a company that irresponsibly rapes the Earth.  An Orthodox Jew or Orthodox Muslim should not work for a meat-packing company or butcher that does not practice by kosher or halal (or tayyab) rules. A strictly conservative Christian should not take a job at Planned Parenthood or at an abortion provider.

As an elected official, she represents more than just herself and those like her.  She represents the ENTIRE county, which means that at least some of her constituents are practicing a different faith than her own.  She has an obligation to those constituents as well.  If she cannot do so in good conscience, then she must resign.  It is the ONLY ethical choice.

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