Oh, I’m a Jealous, Fat Bitch, Am I?

via Times Square Topless Lady Says Only ‘Ghetto Fat Women’ Are Offended

Yes, the person (I refuse to call her a “lady”) doesn’t ever actually say that, but it’s pretty much what is implied by her comments.

Look, I may be poor.  I may be fat.  But, sweet-cheeks, I’m NOT jealous of you.  And I’m not a “ghetto fat woman.”

Thank you SO MUCH for assuming that anyone different than you is some uptight, self-righteous idiot.  It’s JUST as bad as some idiot who walks up to me in the grocery store if I have the guts to grab something “unhealthy” and starts lecturing me on how I should have more respect for myself, and should “eat more healthily.”

Look, just because someone has a different shape than you do, does not mean that we are unwilling or unable to be proud about our bodies. Reality is many of us larger women are more than willing to walk around naked, just like you do, and in fact, some of us, like myself, are willing to do it without any body paint on us.

Telling everyone (because men are just as likely to have body-image issues as women are) that a larger body is ‘ghetto’ is not only body-shaming, but is also classist as fuck. (Yes, I used vulgarity! It does not mean that I lack the vocabulary to express my anger in a less vulgar fashion. It is because I’m sick and tired of having to be polite to people like this, who think that they are liberated of all judgment and bias simply because they are willing to be proud of their own bodies yet are unwilling to allow those who are not ‘conventionally attractive’ to have the same freedoms they enjoy.)

Body positivity is not limited to someone who has a so-called conventionally attractive body. There is no such thing as a universally attractive shape. Oh, our media attempts to force us to believe that only one shape is attractive to our society as a whole. The problem with that concept is that each and every individual in the world has their own idea of what they personally find attractive to them. What no one has the right to do is bully someone that they do not consider to be attractive.

I actually consider women like this to be worse than the most misogynistic of men. They claim to be supportive of both body autonomy and body positivity. In reality, they are only supportive of those things for people who look like themselves. Body autonomy and body positivity are not only for those people are of a conventional size or shape.

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