The sad thing is, yes – some of our US citizens are STILL “conquering” America.  Unfortunately, it’s not just ONE group who is being conquered or subjugated.  It’s across the board.  It’s just that only some citizens are being killed as part of that subjugation.  And it’s not just one set of labels that is doing the conquering or subjugation.

This isn’t just a screed against the rich (although, they are perfect examples of the greed and narcissism of those who are doing it).

It’s not just a screed against racism.  It’s not just a screed against sexism. It’s not just a screed of religious intolerance.  It’s not just a screed about body-shaming, slut-shaming, gender-identity shaming, or sexual orientation shaming – or any other form of shaming or bullying of someone “different.”

It’s not even a screed against Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal.

It’s about the psychological issues underlying ALL of those things!

The problem with each of these issues is that they are all a matter of subjective, personal opinion. And you know what they say about opinions: ‘Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.’

Now, just as with free speech, you are perfectly free to have your own opinion. The problem is, again just as with free speech, you are not free of the consequences of your choices.

History shows us examples of what happens when a particular group of people choose to ignore the communal good of a larger mass of people. There are so many examples of this, that if I list them all this post would not just be novel-length. It would be encyclopedia-length!

Personally, I think that the consequences of the French aristocracy’s narcissism and greed (that was one of the causes – perhaps the main cause – of the French Revolution) is a perfect example of what is going on today.

Please remember, that many historians believe that the French Revolution was a major turning point in world history. It was not just the abuse of the privileges enjoyed by the clergy and the aristocracy, that caused the French Revolution, but those abuses certainly were a root cause for the violence to and  the vengeance against those individuals. Excessive taxation by the monarchy also added to the anger and the desire for vengeance. In fact, ‘the Reign of Terror’ by the Committee of Public Safety was directly caused by the reaction to those abuses and to the excessive taxation of the poor and middle class while excusing the aristocracy from those taxes or by allowing the aristocracy to pass their own taxes on to the poor and middle class living on their land.

But again, this is not just a post accusing the 1% in this country of the same kind of narcissism and greed of the French aristocracy and clergy.

At the same time these things were happening during that time period, other abuses of power and persecution of those who were considered ‘different’ were also happening. French colonies, for example, were still heavily supported by slavery and there were still those in the aristocracy who still practiced feudalism. In fact, feudalism was still protected by French law until it was abolished in August of 1789.

What you have to realize is that the underlying motivation for the French Revolution was inherently different from the motivations that determined the American Revolution. There were some similarities, but the difference is that we here in America actually based much of our law system and our Constitution on many of the laws and the law system of Great Britain. The French Revolution, on the other hand, totally scrapped the monarchy and many of the underlying laws and created an entirely new self-identity that challenged political absolutism and created eventually a democratic socialism.

The French Revolution was not easy, nor was it all flowers and butterflies. It was bloody, painful, at times abusive, at times even genocidal, and horribly violent.

Sadly, today, we have an extremely similar situation being experienced by the population of the US of A. Except it’s not just limited to those of the 1%. The racism that is being fought against (sometimes even violently) is a reaction to similar abuses caused by certain members of the so-called ‘dominant white race.’ The bullying behaviors of certain types of individuals (including judgmental strict religionists, certain types of judgmental individuals and those who are rigidly adhering to inappropriate and excessively outdated social mores) are also causing an impassioned reaction.

I sincerely hope that do not need to experience the kind of vengeful, bloody response to what is going on right now in order to change and evolve as a society.

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