Are We Supposed To Be Afraid?

via 13 Most Absurd Comments From Internet Trolls That These Body Positive Bloggers, Activists, & Models Have Received

You know, I open my blog every day expecting some troll answer.  But since I have limited comments to being approved only, far too many trolls don’t want to post.  Why?  Because they automatically assume that I won’t approve the comment.

Now, I’ll admit, the credible threat ones?  I won’t approve.  I’ll simply save a version, and walk down to my closest police station with my tablet, and SHOW it to the police.  Then I’ll document it, and leave it where it is – for any later criminal court case needs.

The other ones?  The sad, miserable people who want to make someone feel bad?  Oh, yeah, I’ll approve those.  Why?  So i can use them as object lessons.  So I can use them to help the teenager who is too thin or too fat for “society” learn how to stand up for themselves.  So I can use them to remind the over-socialized woman that she too can stand up to these assholes in her real life.  So I can remind the kid with crossed eyes (yes, I had a crush on one of those guys in school.  He might have not been “socially attractive” – but he was a wonderful person, and I thought he was cute) that he doesn’t have to be ashamed of them.

But be afraid of them? Hell, NO!

Now, the reality is, my grandmother and my parents (and my sister somewhat) all taught me that I needed to be polite and courteous, I HAVE learned to confront people in a courteous way.  And I usually try that first.

BUT, sadly, too few people see courtesy and assume submissiveness.

Very few people in my life consider me to be a submissive personality. Hell, I don’t consider myself to be a submissive personality.  If I have experience or knowledge, I’m going to share it.  But I’m not going to assume that the people around me know absolutely nothing about the same subject(s).  And I’m not going to bow down to the snotty woman in the grocery store who needs to feel superior to someone, so she ever-so-politely and ever-so-concernedly makes comments on my food choices.  (I have to wonder sometimes what they are thinking, since a good half of my grocery cart tends to be fresh fruits and vegetables – because I LIKE them.  I might have a sugary cereal if I have a craving, or perhaps a bag of chocolate or some NON-diet soda [because I don’t trust most diet chemical additives – and I’d rather control my own intake, thank you]).

I’m not going to bow down to the teenaged asshole who drives past, screaming obscenities or sexual harassment or bullying comments (yes, body shaming is a form of bullying). Amusingly enough, since moving to a small town, such things don’t happen as often.  Hmmmmm, perhaps because SOMEONE will recognize the little asshole and he’ll get consequences?? (I say, start photographing these assholes in urban settings, and post them to your Facebook with the story of what they did, and see how fast someone comes forward and admits to knowing them, and to tearing them a new asshole for their behavior).

So, if I’m not going to do that in my real life, why the hell should I do it in my Internet life?

Yeah, growing up fat I was told to “ignore it, it’ll go away.”  Sorry, guys, it never does.  Not until the asshole gets consequences for their behavior.

Yeah, my audience is growing.  So far my active readership is only in the low hundreds.  But I get new ones every day.  And eventually, one of those is going to be someone who has no clue how to be a real human being.  And I’m ready for it.  I just hope they’re ready for me!

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