What Exactly the Fuck???

via Police Issue Warning After Cyclists Randomly Attacked In Minneapolis « CBS Minnesota.

Look, I have had my own issues with SOME bicyclists in the Twin Cities, as a driver and as a pedestrian.  There are SOME bicyclists who believe that they should own the road, and the sidewalk, and that they don’t have to obey vehicle OR pedestrian laws in the state of Minnesota.

But that is not ALL bicyclists, not even ALL bicyclists in the Twin Cities.

Yes, there are some assholes out there – both assholes on bikes and assholes in larger vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, etc).  And yes, bicyclists, I have HEARD all of the explanations of why someone chooses NOT to obey vehicle or pedestrian laws in a given state. (Yes, even the “I choose not to be poisoned by exhaust” or the “the stop sign is not in a place that makes sense for a bicyclist” – Look, there are places where the signs make no sense for a driver either, that does not mean we get to ignore them.  They are there for the safety of EVERYONE.  And, by the way, everyone else is getting poisoned by the same exhaust as well).

But that does NOT excuse doing serious, permanent damage to someone.

Look, there is NEVER a good reason to do this kind of great personal harm just because a certain type of people make you angry, or disgusted, or whatever.  Think about it.  That’s the SAME reasoning a serial killer gives for his murders.

Really.  I’m serious.

A serial killer gets gratification from his/her activities.  The gratification can be sexual, but is not ALWAYS sexual. It can be gratification of anger, of vengeance, of thrill-seeking or even of attention-seeking.

While many people look for the ‘signs’ of a serial killer (or a psychopath for that matter) in simple anti-social behavior.  In other words, if someone has a combination of social anxiety and extreme introversion, there may be arm-chair psychologists out there randomly pointing to them and saying, “Hey, that person probably kills people and no one knows it!” (I’ve actually witnessed some people doing this to people I’ve known had severe social anxiety.  And yes, I step up and explain that “social anxiety” and sociopathic/psychopathic behaviors are NOT the same thing).

But, do you look at those people who make a habit of lying, who make a habit of being aggressive, who take obvious pride in standing outside of “social norms” (well, that pretty much points to damned near anyone part of a counterculture), and irresponsibility.  And yes, those ALL have to be there, not just one or two of those points.

Hmmm, also sounds like my ex.

How many people are out there that are incipient serial killers?  People who just haven’t taken that last step, and actually murdered someone?  From my own life experience?  There are far too freaking many of that type of person running rampant through our society.

There is NO reason that something like this should EVER be considered “acceptable behavior.”  And if I still lived in the Twin Cities, you’d be DAMNED sure I’d be keeping my eyes open for some asshole acting this way.

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