Responsible Parenting

via A Mom Called the Police on My 3-Year-Old Son After a Playground Accident

I cannot think that any responsible adult would not be concerned for their child when there is a no-fault playground accident (i.e. kids playing, and accidentally bumping into each other).  Hell, just like I’m a clumsy adult, I was a pretty damned clumsy child.  I hurt myself or others damned near on a daily basis.  And yes, EVERY time I hurt someone else, I felt bad and apologized.

But, to call the police about the accident, especially when BOTH children are crying and feeling bad that the other one is hurt, on a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD – I don’t care if he was a boy, I don’t care if he was a different ethnicity (you don’t find out the boy is Black until AFTER you’ve read most of the story).  It’s still a 3 year old child.

While it is possible – in the extreme – that a psychopath could start showing their real selves that young, it’s more in the realm of improbability.  And the child was scared that the little girl was badly hurt, and even worried that the little girl might go to jail.

What the HELL is going on with people?First off, I’m not sure WHY the other mother made her choices.

But the reality is, what part of this is the other mother going overboard on either sexism or racism or both??

The mother of the boy in question didn’t want to blame it on racism.  But I’m not as generous as she is.  I think it was BOTH fringe sexism and racism at fault here.  There are FAR too many people who assume that “if it has a penis, it is what is wrong with this world.”  And add in the difference in race?  You have an automatic “if it’s black and has a penis, it’s irretrievably evil.”

There is NO excuse for this kind of choice.  You cannot, as an adult, apply adult motivations to a child of 3.

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