Relationships on the World Stage

via Reassessing US aid to Israel – Allan C. Brownfeld | Council for the National Interest

Relationships between nations can be fraught with many of the same issues that pop up between people.  And when one or both of the nations seem to have gone completely bug-nuts, it’s time to sit down and reassess the relationship.

First, a little bit of history.  After World War 1, the area considered the Ottoman Empire was partitioned amongst the “greater powers” leaving it only with a smaller portion of what is today considered Turkey. The area that Israel stands on today was given to Great Britain (whose colonial history has had both it’s stellar parts, and terrifyingly destructive parts).  The League of Nations (pre-cursor to the United Nations) created the British Mandate for Palestine.  This created not only an area specific to Palestinian peoples, but also created a “national home for the Jewish peoples.”  Specific to that mandate, NO civil nor religious rights were taken away from the Palestinians.

In May of 1948, when the mandate was set to expire, a declaration was made – by the Jewish peoples of that area – to create an independent state of Israel. This, of course, happened while the Jewish and Arab peoples living in the trans-Jordan area were fighting a fierce war amongst each other.  Once the state was established, many of the displaced Jews from the Axis countries emigrated there.  And many of the Jews living in Arab nations, as well as some from America, fled to Israel.  Unfortunately, many Arabs within the confines of this new state, found themselves forcibly expelled from their homes and livelihoods as well.Admittedly, there have been poor choices on both sides of this socio-political religious rivalry.  No one in this conflict comes out pure or innocent.  Everyone involved has blood on their hands.

Now, we come to the article.  I ask one simple question.  How is it that both the deputy defense minister and the justice minister can publicly make offensive eugenic threats and assertions, that not only mirror the words and concepts used by the Third Reich, but actively encourage torture, destruction and wanton murder of any Palestinian (and in the case of the deputy, declaiming the superiority of the Jew over the Gentile).

Fascism is still fascism, even under the skirts of democracy.

I see absolutely no difference between the current powers that be in Israel and the Third Reich.  Both groups espouse (or espoused) racism at their very core.

We fought a world war to rid ourselves of such fascist totalitarianism.  Why in the bloody hell are we Americans now supporting a state that is espousing the same damned racist bullshit that Hitler and his cronies espoused?

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