Protective Instincts Are Fine, But Not Enough

via Men Watch Their Girlfriends Get Catcalled And (Understandably) Get Pissed.

It’s all well and good that these guys are offended at how other men treat their girlfriends or significant others when they aren’t around, but it is NO WHERE near enough.

Do you know, I’ve had a number of men who I have witnessed being supportive of “their women” fighting against street harassment and cat-calling – but when they are out “with their buddies” turn into that SAME kind of idiot!

If it’s not appropriate to do to “your woman” then it isn’t appropriate to do it to ANY OTHER WOMAN.  And, ladies, you don’t get off scot free either.  I don’t care HOW drunk you are, groping a man without consent or catcalling him is JUST as much sexual harassment as the guys doing it to you.  Yes, that INCLUDES doing drunken “kilt checks” at Renaissance Fairs.

The reality is, if you don’t want someone to do that to you or anyone around you, you had damned well better not do it yourself.  AND you better damned well step up and STOP street harassment when you witness it – whether you are female or male, I don’t care.

You think that people WANT to have anxieties about going out in public?  You wonder why someone of the opposite sex might actually be afraid to talk to you?  You wonder why a woman would rather ignore you and keep walking when you are “just giving her a compliment?” (FYI, “nice titties” is not a ‘compliment’ it’s sexual harassment)

You wonder why women go to the bathroom in groups?  Because half of the time we’re out in public, a woman alone is far more likely to be attacked or harassed.

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