More Than a Single Standard of Beauty

via Beauty Photos All Sizes Curves.

A lot of the women in this slideshow are what would be considered “normal beauty.”  But, each and every one of them has their own issues with their bodies.  From the African-American woman with albinism, to the thin woman in the wheelchair, to the model who was told she was “too fat” at 48 kilos (for us Americans, that’s slightly over 105 lbs), to the truly plus size women.

These women are beautiful, not only because they are models, but also because they stand for themselves.  They don’t allow themselves to be marginalized simply because they are not “perfect.”

And that is the main standard that we should be striving for.  Standing up and refusing to be marginalized.  It doesn’t matter why we’ve been marginalized, we have allowed ourselves to be.  We’ve bought into the lies that we don’t deserve better.  We’ve let the screeching voice inside and out to define us.

That internal critic who finds it easier to be miserable than to fight for your own dignity.  The external critic who is miserable in their own lives, and want you to be miserable too.  These are the voices that we need to ignore, drown out, and allow ourselves to fly.

It’s easy to stay home, to hide, to become a hermit.  We can excuse it for so many reasons.  “I can’t afford it.”  “I’m exhausted.” “I’m in a bad mood.”

What we’re really doing is refusing to take a risk that someone might say something mean to us, and our own brain critic will agree with them.  That our own internal demon will make even an innocent compliment some sort of attack on our self-image.

I’m not saying that you should ignore self-care.  There are times in our lives that we need to return to that “womb-like” environment.  Grief, whether over a death of a person or a death of a relationship, needs time to be experienced – and some of us need to grieve alone.  Wounding needs rest and recuperation.

But we can’t permanently live there. All that does is make it that much harder to take another risk.

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