Didn’t We Already Do This?

Life as a Traffic ConeAll human beings have their issues.  Some of them are from childhood, some from choices we made, some from choices other people made.  And we work on them (or for those who stubbornly refuse to work on them – you don’t get out of it.  The issues keep popping up, getting worse until you either deal with it or die).

But it seems to always come back around and bite you in the ass again.

Both my sister and I came up with our own version of this concept, but I like her conceptualization better than my own.  Hers is the Traffic Cone Theory.

In her conceptualization, we’re all just ants crawling along in a spiral around a traffic cone, trying to get to the top.  We have no clue that if we turned right or left (depending on which way we’re spiraling around), we could go straight to the top (going to the bottom is easy, you just fall off) – because life doesn’t give us those options.

The traffic cone isn’t just your life, it’s also your issues.  And yes, as you go up the spiral, you keep coming around to those same issues again and again.  But, also as you continue up that spiral, the closer you are getting to the center (or root) of the issue.  Each time you have to face that issue, IF you have been doing the work, you have that chance to get closer to the center (if you refuse to do the work, you keep falling back down).

So, yes, we’ve been through this crap before.  Each of us have.  But, are we learning from each repetition of crap? Or are we just repeating the same damned one because we keep falling down?

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