Responsibility:  Love and the Real World

Sometimes, being part of a family is very hard. Oh, I could easily go down a list of reasons why, and I have done so. But that’s not what I want to talk about here.

Teens are difficult in particular. I’m not a mother, but I know every teen can be a challenge to any parent. And sadly some – in the process of trying to develop into an individual – separate from their parents so far that they cannot see truth. 

And when you see family members repeating damaging behaviors (self-destructive OR a danger to others),  there is only so much someone can do for that person. 

Consequences (yes, I know it is assumed to be only negative) will always show up anytime you make a choice. 

And you alone are responsible for your choices. Oh, you can succeed at pointing the blame onto another. You can temporarily stop a consequence, but it will circle back around and smack your head with a cosmic 2×4. 

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