What Next? Other Impacts of the Marriage Decision

Just as with Roe v. Wade, the SCOTUS decision to support the right of LGBT people to marry, some of the fears of the “Religious Right” still may be realized.

I don’t say that to scare anyone.

But the reality is, under the terms of the majority opinion, SCOTUS has opened the door to the potential for non-monogamous people like me to seek that same protection.

Where I strongly disagree with the “Religious Right” in their view of “all the depraved practices rampant in this country” comes down to again returning to that majority opinion. There is NO WAY that the opinion could be used to support the “right” to bestiality or the “right” to child molestation or even the “right” to commit incest, as none of those have the support of our society as it stands.  Nor do many of them (except perhaps the last) involve a consensual relationship between adults (also discussed in the opinion).

That opinion states, with corroborating evidence, that our society’s view on marriage has always been fluid.  That as we as a nation have grown, so has our views on individual rights, and our opinion of marriage.

Sadly, the opinion that marriage – through the millennia – has always and only been between two people, and ONLY two people, is lacking in historical support. Many different cultures have had (and some still have) laws that allow 3 or more people to marry – in assorted different ways.  There’s polygyny (one husband/many wives – often called ‘polygamy’ which is better defined as any form of non-monogamous relationship), there’s polyandry (one wife/many husbands – not as popular in cultures around the world, but there are some cultures that do still practice it), and so many other ways.

Is America ready for plural marriage?  Probably not yet.  While the percentage of the population who have “opened” their marriages, or who identify as non-monogamous, is growing, America is still not yet ready to think about the possibility of a healthy, non-monogamous marriage.  Hell, sometimes I wonder if America even KNOWS what a healthy marriage is, whether it’s monogamous or not!

But it is worth thinking about.  There are so many other ways of living and loving that your average Christian not only does not approve of, but that same average Christian probably doesn’t even know about.  It doesn’t mean that the other ways are evil, it simply means that it does not fall in line with the doctrines of Christianity. And while a Christian might claim that because it does not fall in line with their doctrine it therefore MUST be evil, that is simply not true.

And, again, I state this firmly, what you consider to be MY sins are between me and the Divine.  You have no right to judge my sins for myself.  You only have the rights to judge your own sins, and they are between you and your form of the Divine.

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