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Bible Interpretation in the Modern World

via Matthew Vines – Why the Bible Shouldn’t Be Used to Condemn Gay….

One of the biggest struggles inside and outside of Christianity, is the interpretation of the Bible.  Every sect of Christianity has its own favored ‘version’ of interpretation.  Even when it comes down to looking at the original word in Greek or Hebrew, there are differences of translation and interpretation.  And given that written Hebrew relies on dots and other symbols to include vowels, there could be some question if the word was translated correctly in the first place.

That’s part of the reason why different sects choose specific translations of the Bible.  They tend to pick the translation that most closely aligns with their doctrine.

This particular Christian man has done a reasonably deep study of the appropriate passages (although, I believe there are other passages in both the Old and New Testaments that also weigh in on this matter).

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Sex Education and Modern Parents

via Teacher Starri Hedges speaks out about sex shop field trip | City Pages.

I happen to actually know this teacher. And I know her well enough to be fairly sure of her intentions and motivations.

I’m not as familiar with the school, but I am aware that it is considered an alternative, private school, not mainstream.

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What Next? Other Impacts of the Marriage Decision

Just as with Roe v. Wade, the SCOTUS decision to support the right of LGBT people to marry, some of the fears of the “Religious Right” still may be realized.

I don’t say that to scare anyone.

But the reality is, under the terms of the majority opinion, SCOTUS has opened the door to the potential for non-monogamous people like me to seek that same protection.

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Abuse in a Non-Monogamous World

via Gaslighting Is a Common Victim-Blaming Abuse Tactic – Here Are 4 Ways to Recognize It in Your Life — Everyday Feminism.

I get all sorts of ideas for a blog post.  Some of them, in fact, quite a few of them, I am choosing to put into a “pipeline” so that I can have a new blog post scheduled every single day.  But on occasion, I will post something immediately – like this post.

Abuse, particularly “invisible” abuse (mental, emotional, spiritual) is a huge hot-button for me. Why?  Because I am a survivor of mental and emotional abuse.  Sadly, the invisible abuses can be insidious, and are often explained away not only by others and the abuser, but by the victim as well (try reading He Never Hit Me)

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SCOTUS Protects the Individual

I’ve spent a good portion of today reading the opinions of the Supreme Court.  I’m probably going to need to re-read it a few times to make sure I have a good understanding of the ruling.

But, the gist of it comes down to this.  The majority felt that denying LGBT individuals the right to marry was counter to the intent of the Fourteenth Amendment.  The 14th, while it is the most challenged and litigated of our constitutional amendments, is also to my mind one of the most important amendments to our Constitution.

The Due Process clause of the amendment not only speaks of procedural due process (protecting individuals from governmental coercion), but also of substantive due process (protecting an individual from “majority rules” that are enacted with the intent to limit the protected rights of the individual).

The Equal Protection clause essentially says that no state has the right to deny equal protection under the law.

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Moving Upwards and Onwards

I’ve been using my Facebook wall as a place to post commentary on the world, as well as work through many of the emotional struggles I’ve been having not only over the past few years, but some of the ones I’ve developed over my lifetime.

Call it navel-gazing if you have to have a descriptor for it.

And, I’ll admit, I’ve had numerous people ask me to start a blog about some of these things. Oh, it’s not about them not wanting to see it on their news feed, it’s about their ability to share something I’ve said without worrying about my privacy settings.

And since I have chosen in the last year to become somewhat transparent about living my life, I had been giving it quite a bit of thought.  The reality comes down to the fact that I am not, by even the loosest definition of the word, mainstream in many of my choices, behaviors or simply who/what I am.

I’m part of a number of “sub-cultures” (who gets to decide if something  is a sub-culture, a movement, a cult or a political stance?  And who gave them the authority to do so?) whose stereotypes are exceedingly damaging.  Most of these stereotypes are ways for others to demonize the people who are part of those groups.

Demonization is a tactic used to dehumanize and otherwise socially undermine an individual, a group or a larger society.  It has been used as governmental propaganda to whip up support for a war or excuse the damage done to a sub-group within their nation.  It is used by individuals to explain an unreasonable hatred for everything that individual feels is different or other or to justify abusing someone else.

Knowing all that, let me describe some o the ways that I am considered “other:”

  • Strong-willed, opinionated, and bluntly out-spoken. In American society, even today, women like myself are considered “less feminine.”  We are described as harridan, bitch, ball-buster, battle axe, she-male, and a host of other negative descriptors.Add to that the fact that I am honest, and tend to “tell it like it is,” I’m often accused of worse than that.
  • Feminist who not only believes in, but fights for, a true balance between men and women, and anyone else who lies in between the two ends of the spectrum. I’ve struggled over the past year to decide whether or not I want to call myself a “feminist.”  For many years, I absolutely refused to do so, because far too many of this “third-wave” feminism (and some of the more fringe of “second-wave” feminism that led to some of the more separatist types of third-wave) are unhealthy.I believe I’m somewhere in between what I would call a “centrist feminist” (as opposed to liberal or conservative) and a “libertarian feminist” (with some strong leanings towards the libertarian).

    I consider “radical feminism” (aka radfem), and other “separatist” movements to be a continuation of the previously unhealthy trends from second-wave feminism.

    Additionally, I DO believe that there are differences in the aims and needs of ethnic feminists that your average “white woman” does not have to deal with.  There has been an attitude that feminism is this monolithic issue that is the same across all ethnicities and all nationalities.  To my mind, nothing could be further from the truth.  Why?  Because of the same issue that has surfaced in the so-called “post-colonialism” era.  Just because a white, American, upper-middle class feminist living in New York believes one way, does not mean that a poor Muslim woman living in Yemen has the same issues, or even that a lower middle-class African-American woman living in Detroit has the exact same issues.

    To me, the perfect example of this is the hoo-hah over the wearing of the hijab.  Or even choosing to be a sex worker of some sort.  What another woman does, or chooses to do, with her body and clothing (or lack thereof) is NOT something that any other woman should have any say over, any more than a man should have a say over it.  It is only the woman herself who can judge what she chooses to wear or not wear.

  • An unabashedly fat woman.  Yes, I’ve said that out loud.  I’m fat.  Deal with it.You cannot judge MY health based on my weight.  Nor can you judge  the health of the woman down the street who is so thin that her ribs stick out.

    I’m not JUST about “fat acceptance.”  I’m about HUMAN BODY acceptance.  It doesn’t matter to me if you are thin, thick, BBW/BHM (Big, Beautiful Woman or Big, Handsome Man), SSBBW (Super-Sized, Big, Beautiful Woman), “scrawny,” “undersized,” or even if you are what society thinks of as the “norm.”

    What I want to see is people being willing to accept and even love the body they were given by the Divine.

    Do we have a responsibility to be healthy?  Yes, I believe we do.  But health is NOT shown by body-weight.   I know people who are considered “morbidly obese” by medical standards who have absolutely NONE of the so-called “weight related illnesses” and who are grandmothers and grandfathers.  I know people who would be considered not only thin, but malnourished if you went by the look of their body alone.  And I know people who reflect the “norm” who are barely 20, and have every single “weight related illness” in the book.

  • A happily polyamorous woman.  Yes, I believe that love is not limited to “the one.”  And I believe that ANY relationship (no matter its type) can be a healthy one.
  • An older woman.  To me, this isn’t just about me being over the age of 40.  It’s about the fact that I’m a FEMALE who is over the age of 40.  For a lot of people, this is a sin.  I should hide myself from humanity because I had the gall to allow myself to get older.
  • A Wiccan who is well-versed in Christian theology.  I am a Christian pastor’s daughter, and I have been a Wiccan now for 20 years.  But that does NOT mean that I don’t still know my Christian theology.  I believe that education is the only way to persuade someone to try to understand someone who is different.  That means I need to be able to communicate in a way that my listener understands.  And given that over 70% of America is Christian, more often than not my listener or questioner is going to be Christian.I get demonized by my own fellow Neo-Pagans as well, because I will NOT tar all Christians with the same brush as the so-called Christians who have abused their position as “Elders” over someone.  Just as not all Neo-Pagans think or act the same, not all Christians do either.  If you expect to be accepted as you are, you had damned well accept others as they are.
  • A sexually positive woman.  Yes, I enjoy sex.  And at least all of my recent lovers have told me that I’m pretty darned good at it.  The Divine gave us this not only for procreation, but for the sharing of love and caring.  And it is MY choice as to who I wish to share it with.  And, I don’t care what kind of sexual antics someone else is into – as long as it is safe, sane AND consensual.That last means that no, I do NOT agree with or approve of bestiality, because an animal CANNOT consent.  And a child CANNOT consent either.

So yes, these are who I am.  And yes, I am fully prepared for the troll-fest that I am likely to receive due to the subject matter of my blog.

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